Project Information


Project Details

  • Portfolio : Website
  • Project designation : iFetch - Multimodal conversational agents for the online fashion marketplace
  • Project Code : POCI-01-0247-FEDER-045920
  • Intervention region : NUTS II Norte
  • Beneficiary entity : Farfetch Portugal - Unipessoal Lda.
  • Start date : 01-04-2020
  • End date : 30-06-2023
  • Total eligible cost : 1.725.620,44 EUR
  • European Union financial support : FEDER – 823.496,59 EUR


iFetch proposes to research and deliver a new generation of task-oriented conversational agents that interact with users using verbal and visual information in a seamless manner. Through the conversation, iFetch must provide targeted advice and “physical store-like” experience while maintaining user engagement.

This entails the following key components:

  • Disrupt the E-Commerce High-End Fashion Marketplace
  • Foundations for a Communication, Education and Knowledge Network
  • Scientific Breakthroughs on Multimodal Conversational AI Agents